Ataxia— do you know what it is???

Ataxia- do you know what it is??? Dont worry, not many people do. What do you think when you see someone stumble? Or see someone who isn’t walking ‘correctly’? Do you automatically assume there is something wrong with them? Do you assume that they have had a little bit too much to drink? Or do you feel empathy and want to help them? These are things I need to know. I am on the receiving end. Let me explain, I have a rare form of Ataxia, which is a medical term for an irregular gait. Many people suffer with this symptom and it’s caused by many different conditions. My Ataxia just happens to be caused from a Degeneration Cerebellum. A rarity in itself (an onset at such a young age), there are no medications for the disease. It just my DNA makeup up and my body attacking itself. So when you see me stumble, or not walk ‘correctly’, don’t judge. Don’t automatically assume I have had too much to drink or there is something wrong with me. I am doing the best I can………………………………


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