Daily Prompt: Be the Change


Daily Prompt: Be the Change

Having a disability, which is very unknown to the general public, I would like to be the change and educate everyone about  this disease.  It is called Ataxia.  Everyone who sees me, or anyone else with the disease, would think we have either MS or have had a little bit too much to drink.  Let me explain, Ataxia is really a symptom of something else much greater happening in the body.  Ataxia is is a Latin term for irregular gait; hence, stumbling around like you’ve had too much to drink.   One can have this symptom from anything from a stroke to, in my case, a Hereditary Degenerating Cerebellum.  It began when I was born. I had a mutation in my DNA causing my body to produce a protein which attacks my cerebellum causing this degeneration. The cause is unknown and there is no medication…

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