Daily Prompt

Dear 70 year old,

Well, you made it through your teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and here you are in your 70s! You have done a great job, baby. Especially with all the curve balls that have been thrown your way. I know you always said that you had to live and play the hand you were given. I just can’t believe how gracefully you have done it. I have never heard you complain.  I have never ever heard you ask, “WHY ME?” And never have I heard you be unkind to others. I just hope one day, I grow up to be as beautiful as you. on the inside and out!


Daily Prompt

Dear 14 year old,

I just want to share with you some things that I have learned along this pah of life.  Some of them won’t mean much to you now, but hang on to these ideas.  1) Life isn’t always going to be easy. I’m not saying that it will always be hard, but just roll with the punches and go with the flow. Whatever adversity faces you, stare it in the face and never let it defeat you. 2) Remember that God is always there. 3) Family is important and your Parents will bend over backwards for you. Remember to always respect them. 4) It’s all right to ask for help. And 5) Be kind to strangers. You never know when you are going to need their kindness in return. Remember these things and they will carry you up and down those hills and valleys in life!

All my love,




What is life
What is living?
What is living
What is surviving?
The clock ticks
The winds howl.
The time drifts,
The time melts.
Into moments,
Into hours
Who has the answers?
Definitely not I.
God will cradle us
In the palm of His hand.
So let the questions go,
Stop the worries
Give them all to Him
    Start living.

Cake Batter

Have you ever thought how much we are like batter???  Think about  it— we are all batter, whether cake or muffin batter, it really does not matter.  All of our experiences are the ingredients that go into the mixing bowl to make us who we are.  The ingredient may be nuts or chocolate chips that cause hurt and can be painful to mix in or the ingredient may be as sweet as sugar.  Our batter may be to thick and we are sluggish to move or too thin and unable to hold a form. Whatever is thrown in our mixing bowl, we alll have to adapt.


Ataxia— do you know what it is???

Ataxia- do you know what it is??? Dont worry, not many people do. What do you think when you see someone stumble? Or see someone who isn’t walking ‘correctly’? Do you automatically assume there is something wrong with them? Do you assume that they have had a little bit too much to drink? Or do you feel empathy and want to help them? These are things I need to know. I am on the receiving end. Let me explain, I have a rare form of Ataxia, which is a medical term for an irregular gait. Many people suffer with this symptom and it’s caused by many different conditions. My Ataxia just happens to be caused from a Degeneration Cerebellum. A rarity in itself (an onset at such a young age), there are no medications for the disease. It just my DNA makeup up and my body attacking itself. So when you see me stumble, or not walk ‘correctly’, don’t judge. Don’t automatically assume I have had too much to drink or there is something wrong with me. I am doing the best I can………………………………


Powerful word! Words can soothe, or they can sting.  They can sympathize, or they can stain.  Help or hurt.

Be conscience of what you say because you never know how they are affecting  others!